EG Inspiration Vodka Rosemary & Lavender


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Ultimate Beverage Challenge 92 points - (UB Collection,Finalist)- Distinctly earthy and vegetal aromas are pungent. Round and soft, the flavors are mostly herbal with subtly elegant hints of violet and lavender. The finish is aromatic, leaving a floral quality lasting on the palate..March/2015
Founded by Matt Anderson in 2010, Enlightened Grain Spirits is located in Portland, Oregon and specializes in producing ultra-premium infused vodkas. Matt uses organic, sustainably grown ingredients and infuses them via a two-tier distillation/infusion process which is then distilled five times in small batches. Matt hand signs every bottle - an attribute to his attention to detail and the ultra hand-crafted nature of these spirits. Master Distiller Tom Burkleaux uses a pot-distillation method - this time-honored process enhances the flavors of the ingredients by slowly extrapolating the nuances of each.
(80º) This spirit is produced via a tempered distillation and infusion of Tuscan and American rosemary.

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