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Filibuster began in 2013, with the idea of offering discerning Spirits consumers a creative alternative to larger production brands. Whether Rye or Bourbon, the traditional aging process for American Whiskey has long been resting distillate a few years in charred new American oak barrels, and going directly into the bottle. Contrast this approach with Scotland, where cooperage of all types and ages have been embraced for centuries, and the case for exploring alternative wood in American Whiskey becomes clear. Our Dual Cask method combines the long-held tradition of new American oak aging with the avant - garde approach of a shorter, secondary aging period in Wine-seasoned French oak. We work with some of the best known wineries in California, including Ramey, Trefethen, Ladera & Cobblestone, and utilize the aromatic and flavor profile of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon to achieve a very unique finish - what we call the Dual Cask Difference. Our Rye is spicy, yet velvety smooth, our Bourbon is rich, with an unexpected aromatic complexity.

Wine Enthusiast 92 points - "Aged in American oak casks, then finished in white-wine seasoned French oak barrels, this honey-hued whiskey has rich, powerful aromas of apricots and butterscotch. On the palate, surprising floral accents transition into honey and rounded stone-fruit notes, with a bit of a tannic pucker on the finish."-Kara Newman, July/2013
Dual Cask aging is what makes our small batch whiskies stand apart from the crowd. Whiskey derives its deep golden color, signature aroma and smooth flavors of vanilla, caramel and spice from aging in fully charred American White oak barrels, or “casks”. This aging process has long been the heart and soul of good whiskey. After several years, once our whiskies have developed a robust richness and a mellow golden hue, we taste and assemble the final blend but instead of going right to bottling, we allow the batch to rest a while - a few months or longer, in 225 liter casks made of French oak previously used in the aging of wine. The tighter grain and subtle flavor profile of these older French oak barrels adds a degree of elegance and finesse to the finished whiskey - nothing overpowering, but a layer of stylish complexity that really pulls all the components together. Our way costs more, and takes more time, but the results speak for themselves - Filibuster: Be Heard!

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