Kings County Distillery

Kings County Spiced Whiskey 200ml


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Brooklyn, NY

Our Winter Spice Whiskey is this year's fall seasonal release. We created an infusion of baking spices associated with mulled cider, hot toddies, and winter holidays. Using cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, black peppercorns, clove, and star anise, this whiskey is a bold but balanced answer to some of the cinnamon-flavored offerings from bigger distilleries that aim for a broader audience. Perfect for cocktails that like a spicy cinnamon kick, this whiskey is designed for crisp, cool weather.

Mash Bill:
80% New York State
Organic Corn
20% English “Golden
Promise” Malt
2x Pot Distilled
White whiskey infused
with mulling spices, such
as cinnamon, clove,
nutmeg, and allspice.
40% abv

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