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New York

Heimat is an exciting new line of handcrafted liqueurs made in Mamaroneck, NY. Heimat New York (pronounced HI-maht) was founded by Ute Londrigan, who was born and raised in Germany and grew up amidst all the wonderful traditions that Germany has to offer. Fruit liqueurs were, and still are, commonplace in the area. Ute's grandmother made them herself from fruit in her backyard for the family's own use, typically after the afternoon's traditional coffee and cake ("Kaffeeklatsch"). Ute dabbled with her liqueurs over the years but it wasn't until she and her family moved to New York - with the wide variety of fresh fruits at her doorstep, friendly and engaging farmers, and friends who appreciated the taste and authenticity - did the idea really take off. After two years of planning, licensing, creating contacts with farmers, and a whole lot of support from her friends and family, Ute opened the doors to Heimat New York in November 2018.

Raspberries are without a doubt the most delicate fruit that we deal with. Sensitive to temperature, packaging, and any type of handling, we take great pains to ensure our raspberries stay fresh before we begin crafting our liqueurs. So after we pick them up near the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York, we hurry back as fast as we can and start crafting the same day. Our raspberry liqueur is renowned for the its wonderful aroma and versatility with all kinds of cocktails.
Alc. by volume:18%
Try it with: Gin, Tonic, Sangria-Heimatny.com

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