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Mary Taylor Castilla y Leon 2018


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Castilla y Leon, Spain

Mary Taylor Castilla y Leon is a beautiful red wine gem from this region of Spain. Planted at high altitude on the barren plains of Leon (northwest Spain) with the Ficos de Europa mountains in the
background. This region was once one of the most important in Castilla y Leon for grape growing. Over time vineyards have been uprooted but Leyenda de Paramo is conserving the old vines and replanting in this up and coming region.

The first thing you're bound to notice when you pick up a bottle of Mary Taylor Wine is the lack of a familiar grape on the label. No Pinot Noir or Cabernet, no Chardonnay or Merlot. This one is 100% Prieto Picudo, a native varietal of the region that winemaker Pedro Mittelbrunn has been instrumental in reviving. The vineyards are called 'El Paramo' and are found in the northern part of the Duero River basin.

A specific French term exists for this romantic notion that, in addition to tasting delicious, wine should tell us something about the area from which it came. Although impossible to translate literally, this concept of "terroir" has sometimes been described as a "sense of place," or "somewhere-ness." It explains why the Pinot Noir from one village in Burgundy will taste noticeably different from the same grape grown in the next town, or even the next vineyard over. In the traditional spirit of the "Old World," each Mary Taylor Wine has been selected as a faithful ambassador of its geographical origin, true to local traditions and the vision of the individual farmer who bottled it. We are proud to offer affordable wines of genuine quality and integrity (no shortcuts) that will bring the magic of their "terroirs" to life wherever you choose to enjoy them: at a dinner party, next to the grill, or even just on a quiet night at home.--Mary Taylor Wine

Enjoy Mary Taylor Castilla y Leon over the next 4-5 years with tapas, roast pork, grilled burgers and aged cheeses.

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